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We look forward to Vitalize Provincial Voluntary Sector Conference where we will implement the Youth Conference and host our Annual General Meeting. I would like to personally extend an invitation for all youth and organizations to attend our Annual General Meeting which will occur on the morning of Saturday, June 6, 2009. I promise the event will be like no other AGM you have ever attended.
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Alberta’s YouthVOLUNTEER! For Edmonton
5 Edmonton High schools paired up with 5 local organizations addressing the Millenium Development goals to plan 5 high impact, amazing evets for Global Youth Service Day!
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The 2008 Youth Stars of Alberta
What recognition could be better than seeing your face on a Wall of Fame?
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From Volunteer to Visionary
How I Founded A Non-Profit At The Age of 12
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Make Your Difference
As an avid volunteer in the community, I have realized that each youth has the ability and power to make a positive difference in their schools, local neighbourhoods, across Canada and on a global scale. As youth of Canada, it is our duty to uphold this great tradition of giving and sharing.
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