Canada Ranked Fourth Most-Accepting Country in the World for Immigrants

A new study has revealed that Canada holds the fourth position in welcoming immigrants. The country has scored 8.14 out of 9 in the Migrant Acceptance Index by Gallup. The remarkable results by the country have helped it to bag the position of the fourth immigrant-friendly country in the world. The first rank was bagged by Iceland followed by New Zealand and the third position was held by Rwanda. By hiring Mississauga immigration lawyers, you can easily enjoy immigration in Canada.

Gallup stated that it developed the index to compare the acceptance of immigrants based on the enhancing degrees of proximity. The assessment is made on the basis of the three questions which are asked to the respondents. The score was obtained on the basis of the answers given by 2000 Canadians. The survey was done on Canadians who were aged 15 years or older.

In 2017, the summer months witnessed a large number of people crossing over to Canada from the United States. The reason behind this transfer was the new immigration policies introduced by the U.S President Donald Trump. The United States has acquired a score of 7.86 and has bagged the ninth position. The Mississauga immigration lawyers help you out with the immigration procedures.Mississauga immigration lawyers

Acceptance of the Immigrants

The Gallup’s Migrant Acceptance Index had observed that a major portion of the Canadians feel positive about immigration. Gallup researchers Anita Pugliese, Neli Esipova and Julie Ray have stated that the people who reside in Canada and the United States have an accepting attitude towards the migrants. They also stated that the acceptance in both the countries follows the political fault lines very strictly. Both the countries of Canada and the United States have been receiving countries since a very long time. While one government has embraced the history with open arms, the other government is trying its level best to distance itself from it. Mississauga immigration lawyers cater to all the immigration-related issues which need to be tackled.

In the United States which is led by President Trump, immigration has been considered to be a threat to the national security. The American workers who supported Trump’s decision had scored 7.08 out of 9 on the index and the individuals who were against the decision of Trump had scored 8.54 out of 9. You should hire Mississauga immigration lawyers in order to avail the best services.

A similar trend was observed in Canada when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had spoken in favor of immigration and had adopted steps to enhance it. Studies have proven that the people who approved of Trudeau’s performance had scored 8.64 on the Gallup’s Migrant Acceptance Index and the ones who were against him had scored 7.84.immigration lawyers

Education, Age and Faith as Important Factors

The residents of Canada and the United States who felt that religion held an important place in their daily lives has scored quite low on the Migrant Acceptance Index in comparison to the individuals who did not find religion to be that important. by opting for Mississauga immigration lawyers, you can make sure that the immigration procedure is smooth. Read here for more info here!
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