FAQs for Volunteers

1. What is Alberta’s Youth VOLUNTEER! Society?
2. What is the Mission, Purpose and Mandate of Alberta’s YouthVOLUNTEER! Society?
3. What is volunteering?
4. Why would someone want to work for free?
5. What types of volunteer jobs can I do?
6. How do I bookmark opportunities?
7. Do I have to log-in in order to search the directory of volunteer postings?
8. What will a log-in name do for me?
9. Can you notify me when postings come up that I may be interested in?
10. How do I respond to volunteer postings that interest me?
11. What should I do if there are no volunteer opportunities posted in my community?
12. Do I have to go through an interview and give references to volunteer?
13. Why do some agencies ask to sign a confidentiality agreement and want a criminal record check?
14. Do organizations really want youth working with them?
15. How can I connect with other volunteers my age?
16. What do I do if I don’t like where I’m volunteering?
17. A group of us want to start our own volunteer project. Can you help us?
18. Where can we get more information about funding our youth project?

What is Alberta’s Youth VOLUNTEER! Society?

Alberta’s YouthVOLUNTEER! Society is a youth-driven organization committed to encouraging, enhancing and supporting youth volunteerism across Alberta. By working with charities/nonprofit organizations and youth ages 14-24, we strive to foster collaboration between motivated youth volunteers and the organizations and citizens in need of volunteer support.

Presentation Series: We offer on-site educational presentations and workshops to schools and nonprofit agencies looking to learn more about the benefits of youth volunteerism. All of our programs are interactive and geared towards people who want to make a difference. Some of our presentations focus solely on the topic youth volunteerism, while others focus on getting youth involved around global youth issues.

Presentations for Youth:

· Volunteer 101 – Making Local Connections

· Take Action on Climate Change

· Take Action on the Millennium Development Goals

· Volunteer Leadership Skills

Presentations for Organizations:

· Youth Engagement

Want to book a presentation? Contact us at info@youthvolunteer.ca.

Advocacy and Collaboration: Our youth board, staff and volunteers strive to promote the strengths, needs and concerns of youth volunteers. We collaborate with various agencies and organizations in the sector to increase the profile of youth volunteerism and promote our mandate.

Alberta’s YouthVOLUNTEER! Society has the exciting privilege of hosting the Vitalize Youth/Mentor Program. The Vitalize Conference, presented by the Wild Rose Foundation, is the premier voluntary sector event of the year and is. The Youth/Mentor Program is planned by and for youth volunteers and has is always a lot of fun! Information about this event will be available on our website under the Events section.

Youth Board of Directors: Our board is comprised of youth ages 14-24 from across the province. Board members are passionate about youth volunteerism and embrace the mission and mandate of our organization. Elections are held at our Annual General Meeting in June. All board members receive support from our third-party Board Mentor.